Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Read the heartwarming words of our newest SpiderSmart directors, who just opened a center in Cypress, Texas!

Dear Mrs. Jung,

Our one month opening was this past Saturday. I am still in the learning phase (which is not hard with Mr. Chung's positive thoughts, words and knowledge) but it is a wonderful feeling to open our center every day and know that the waiting was well worth it! We have now enrolled 19 students, the majority in elementary. They have enrolled in the Reading & Writing program mostly. It is nice progress and parents are coming every day with positive comments about SpiderSmart. Some of the comments are as follows:

• My son is on his third chapter book! He loves reading and enjoys coming to SpiderSmart. I have never seen him read so much and so fast.
• My daughter just received this paper and she received an 84% in writing!
• One parent came in and wanted me to hear a message her son left from school (it made me cry). His teacher allowed him to use her cell phone to leave this message:
"Mom you know how you always say that I have to study hard to get good grades and you know that I can do it. And you’re always telling me to think. I got an 85% on reading today, Mom--that is a B. Okay, bye."

I just wanted to share the wonderful things everyone is saying. I am proud of the teachers here and of this wonderful program that allows students and parents to feel informed of what their child is learning. My hope and goal is that SpiderSmart becomes even more well-known for the quality it has in its method.

I feel blessed to have found this bond with you and your creation. Thank you as a parent, teacher, and representative for SpiderSmart.

I hope that when I write again I have more positive comments (which I have no doubt of) and more enrolled students.


Sunil and Gouthami Patel

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