Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer is a great time to expand a child’s horizons and sample new interests. In particular, theatre is a wonderful area for children to explore, because introducing your child to the arts can have lifelong advantages!

 Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Theatre Education:

1. It gives a boost of confidence 

 Some kids feel instantly at home on stage, while others feel nervous and anxious at the prospect of performing. Whatever their skill level and comfort level, the best way to feel more comfortable in front of a crowd is to practice performing! The great thing about theatre is that there are lots of opportunities to perform—both in small and large roles. Any performance helps kids feel more comfortable and confident in front of a crowd. That confidence carries offstage as well—not only in the classroom, but also in social situations.

2. Theatre bolsters public speaking skills 

 While every child may not grow up to be a Hollywood star, almost everyone will need to speak in public at some point in their lives. It can be intimidating to do so, but in addition to boosting their confidence, theatre teaches children how to speak clearly. Drama kids learn the skills of articulation, expression and projection. These will come in handy during your child's next presentation in school or even in clubs and group activities.

3. Drama encourages social skills/interpersonal communication 

Communication can be difficult at times for anyone. Theatre teaches children how to express themselves on stage and off. They learn how to display emotions by using both their bodies and their voices. This can help them interpret communication from others more readily and accurately, as well!

4. Theatre teaches empathy 

 Bullying is a rampant problem in today’s schools. One way to combat that is to encourage our children to be empathetic. Theatre allows the students to take on a variety of roles. In doing so, they learn what it feels like to walk in someone else’s shoes, which is the cornerstone of learning empathy.

5. It enhances creativity and encourages students to think in new and different ways 

 Classrooms are great for teaching structure and for following important rules, but kids need to have an outlet to be their crazy, creative selves! Dramatic arts allows them to take these creative impulses and channel them into a character, scene, or show. By trying new things, kids learn to think in new ways. It helps to open their mind on stage and back in the classroom.

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