Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Top 5 Reasons to Finish Your Summer Reading List at SpiderSmart

Summer is the best time for kids to catch up on reading. While everyone reads at a different pace, most counties require students to complete a minimum number of books over the summer months. For both enthusiastic and reluctant readers, this can be difficult to accomplish due to busy schedules and the chore of completing a preselected list.

Here are the top 5 reasons to complete your summer reading list at SpiderSmart:

1. Participate in a structured program.

Bring your summer assignments into SpiderSmart, and teachers will collaborate with students to check every book off your list. Learning to set specific goals, as well as lay out the steps needed to attain them, is a critical skill that all students must learn. SpiderSmart encourages students to apply this skill to their summer reading lists by helping them budget their time carefully to read one book every week. Students will feel so proud and accomplished that they were able to complete their reading list with ease!

2. Practice essential skills.

Students don't just read books at SpiderSmart- they interact with them! The ability to read, analyze, and respond is essential and timeless. SpiderSmart's Reading & Writing Program is structured so that students read one book every week, and then we take summer reading to the next level by complete a writing assignment that complements the book. A combination of close reading and critical thinking exercises will build skills of expression that carry over into every subject!

3. Review with an instructor.

Dive deeper into your summer reading by adding vocabulary, comprehension, and writing exercises to your books and completing them with a teacher! Every lesson at SpiderSmart includes one-on-one time with with a talented educator who will review your child's work thoroughly and holistically. This allows for personalized, workshop-style classes that cover everything from comprehension to grammar. One hour a week of individualized review with an instructor can make all the difference!

4. Learn to love reading.

SpiderSmart's dynamic assignments get kids interacting with media on a whole new level. Exploring text in new ways will cultivate an appreciation for literature like never before. Relating to characters and situations through imaginative essay writing creates a closeness to the story that your child will yearn for. Your kids will be begging you for another trip to the library!

5. Return to a learning routine. 

It can feel like a cold splash of water when students return to school after the long, relaxing days of summer. Ease back into an academic routine by participating in SpiderSmart programs once a week. Light homework, hourly classes, and focused lessons are a great way to warm up for school and ensure that your kids are in the fast lane this year!

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