Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Top 5 Reasons Why Learning Science is Important

Learning Science in your school years is a crucial part of your development. Each of the various branches of Science gives you unique and essential tools that will help you succeed in school, your career, and life. Not only that, but learning the foundational principles of Science will make you more aware of the world around you and expand your horizons as a global citizen. Here are the top five reasons to start your Science learning journey today!

  1. Develops problem-solving skills.
    Science helps you grow in logical thinking as you implement the Scientific Method, practice experimentation, and learn scientific concepts. This in turn helps increase your ability to solve problems. Communications, medicine, transportation, and a whole host of other fields are mainly present in our world because innovative individuals have used their scientific knowledge to create real-life applications. 

  2. Reinforces other subjects.
    Science is also cross-disciplinary. The fundamentals you learn in Science can be applied to tackling the learning of other subjects. For example, almost every Physics problem involves Math, so when you work on your Physics homework, you're flexing both your Science and Math mental muscles! 

  3. Creates awareness about technology.
    Many inventions were created as as an answer to a scientific question. Advances in medicine and infrastructure, for example, are being constantly updated to solve problems more efficiently. The use of technology, such as telescopes and microscopes, for scientific investigations introduces kids to the idea that tools can help identify problems and fix the world around us. Also, having a basic understanding of how these tools work might help them invent something of their own!

  4. Teaches how to conserve natural resources.
    Wildlife and environmental studies introduce students to the dangers that our world faces and shows them that it's up to us to change things for the better. Learning about how the Earth's different systems interact can inspire children to waste less, recycle, and protect plants and animals. By highlighting the importance of conservation and showing students how to implement conservation techniques, we are teaching the next generation to take care of our planet and encouraging them to create a better and more sustainable future for themselves and others.

  5. Instills survival skills.
    There are many choices that we all make each day. Have you every stopped to think that the majority of the decisions you make rely on using a knowledge of Science? For example, the study of weather, Meteorology, makes you aware of various weather conditions, and helps you distinguish between normal and dangerous weather. Recognizing a natural disaster early on and taking appropriate precautionary actions could very well save your life! Botany, the study of plants, is another important example. Readily identifying poisonous plants while trying to rustle up some grub on a camping trip could mean the difference between a fun vacation and a trip to the Emergency Room!

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